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Fotor Photo Montage

Would you like to juxtapose your head on Mt. Rushmore or make it look like your cat is jumping out of an airplane? Have you ever wished it was your head that Leonardo painted on the Mona Lisa? We sure did. That's why we created the new version of "Photo Montage" which allows you to do precisely that. "Photo Montage" allows you to juxtapose elements of any image on top of a background of your choice. It's simple, all you do is upload a background image and then place one or more photos on top of it. Then with the eraser button you can erase elements of the photo, leaving pieces of your photo juxtaposed on top of the background image. You can adjust the size and dimensions of your background photo and adjust the size, location, and direction of any images you place on top. Good luck!

Photo Montage Guide

1. Open fotor and select "Montage" in the Collage section.
2. Upload your background photo or select one of our background patterns or colors.

3. Upload one or more photos you wish to juxtapose and drag them on the background. (Notice when you click on a photo a pop-up toolbar appears with many options you can use to adjust your image)
4. Under the pop-up toolbar, use the "Erase" to erase elements of the photo you don't wish to juxtapose on the background. 
(NOTE: You can adjust the "Hardness" as well as the "Size" of the "Eraser". If you make a mistake use the “Reset” button)
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