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Tile Effect

"Tile Effect" formerly known as "Photo Montage" is an exciting and evolving feature here at Fotor that allows you to get truly creative and wacky with your photos. "Tile Effect" slices your photo into smaller tiles that you can then adjust in tilt, number, border size, and border color. It also features a "Manual Box" in which you can create polaroid-like snapshots from the original photo. These small snapshots can be enlarged, shrunk down, rotated, and moved anywhere on the photo.

There are so many fun options in this feature that you can really take your photos to the outer limits and back!

Tile Effect Guide:

1. Open fotor online photo editor
2. Under "Effects" choose the "Tile" feature
3. Select the photo you want to play with
4. Under the "Tile" menu, adjust the tile size, angle, frame size and color, or the shadow of the mini-pics that make up the effect
5. Under the "Add Tile" section you can add in your own box and by adjusting the size and effect you can make key elements of your photo stand out
6. In this section you can also adjust the background

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